THÉÂTRE – Les Belles-sœurs !

After winning a prize of a million trading stamps, Germaine Lauzon begins to dream of all-new appliances, furniture and a fabulous new life. But there’s a catch — she has to meticulously glue each stamp, one by one, into countless books to claim her prize. She calls on her sisters, friends and neighbours to help her, but as envy rears its ugly head, jealousy pushes the women to start stealing from Germaine.
Sharp and perceptive, Les Belles Sœurs takes place in the tenements of Montreal in the 1960s in the midst of la révolution tranquille. This period of significant social change in Quebec was a turning point for women’s rights and the beginning of unprecedented opportunities for the younger generation.
Les Belles Sœurs tackles themes of women’s liberation, poverty and intergenerational changes in the lives of 15 women and through questioning family ties, culture and traditions, asks us to reflect on our own changing world.
Presented in English with French surtitling. En version anglaise avec surtitrage en français. 
Parental advisory:  not suitable for under-12s / Avertissement parental: ne convient pas aux -12ans

Where : Centre Culturel Jean Vilar in Marly-le-Roi.

When: 16 May – 18 May

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